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How does the coastguard react to Beowulf’s plan to fight Grendel? What impressed Beowulf when he first saw Heorot? What impressed Beowulf when he first saw the badlands? Why do you think Beowulf left his sword behind? Describe the effect the slaughter in the hall had on King Hrothgar. What creature does Beowulf compare himself to and why?

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Sep 16, 2015 · 4.What obstacle does Beowulf face in his confrontation with Grendel’s mother? How does he overcome the obstacle? Beowulf faces the obstacle of his sword not working against Grendel’s mother. As a result Beowulf ditched the sword and tried fighting the monster bare-handed, then he found a sword on the wall with magic of its own.

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Why does the “mouth” of the hall open so easily to him? Consider: The description of Grendel as both a denizen of the fens and part of “Cain’s clan” (102-114) ll. 115-21 ll. 480-87 The coast guard who looks outward for enemies (242-3). What is the significance of Beowulf’s boast that he will kill Grendel in hand-to-hand

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Aug 26, 2011 · What weapon does he use? What happens when she dies? What does Beowulf take with him from her home? What happens to the sword he used to kill her? 8.What happens when Beowulf returns to the surface? Did his men expect him to return? [Further Celebration at Heorot] (lines 1651-1798, pp. 68-71) 1.What does Beowulf give to Hrothgar? 2.What message ...

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Beowulf fought and killed Grendel with his bare hands. He did not use any other weapons, to show his honor and bravery, and killed Grendel by ripping his arm off.

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Sep 04, 2013 · Beowulf also fights to protect others when he seeks glory in battle. This is not applied with just saving the Danes from Grendel but his fight with the sea monsters during the swim with Breca and how that will rid the sailors of any future trouble. Overall, I think Beowulf’s boasting is not a flaw but a tool of self confidence and truth.

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10. According to Beowulf’s people, why should he go to the Danes? 11. What great deeds have won Beowulf fame? 12. What is Beowulf’s request? 13. With what weapons does Beowulf plan to attack Grendel? Cantos 7-11: 14. What words describe Grendel? 15. What does Grendel intend to do to the sleeping men? 16. What happens to the first Geat ...

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Beowulf becomes a strong power for Higlac until Dagref the Frank kills Higlac and loots his corpse. But Beowulf catches Dagref and crushes him to death before he can leave with the loot. *End of Beowulf's recounting of his past. Beowulf says farewell, will use weapons because of dragon's poisonous, flaming, breath.

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He had to fight Grendel with his bare hands because Grendel didn't use weapons himself and Beowulf didn't want to best Grendel unfairly. In his words 'it won't be a cutting edge I'll wield to mow ...

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Even the names of the dragon are similar to Devil’s as in the case with Grendel. He wins the battle, because like all mortal men Beowulf is destined to die, but the death doesn’t matter, the faith and virtuous life does. So even dead, Beowulf is still the winner and this is the main aesop of the epic story.

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Sep 01, 2019 · Beowulf proceeds to the mere, and, armed with sword and corslet, plunges into the water. In a vaulted chamber under the waves, he fights with Grendel's mother and kills her. In the vault he finds the corpse of Grendel; he cuts off the head and brings it back in triumph. Richly rewarded by Hrothgar, Beowulf returns to his native land.

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b. Why does he attack them? 5. Which traits do Grendel, Grendel's mother and the dragon have in common? 6. a. Why does Beowulf decide to fight the dragon alone? b. Is this foolhardy? 7. Why does Beowulf feel that he must justify his use or armor during battle with the . dragon? 8. a. What happens to Beowulf's shield while fighting the dragon? b.

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Beowulf mortally wounds Grendel, but learns he must now fight Grendel’s demonic mother, a seductive temptress. That encounter sets the stage for Act Three. King Hrothgar is long dead. Beowulf is the old king now, and he must battle a powerful dragon, another son of Grendel’s mother, who represents the sins of the fathers.

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(Beowulf, 432-436.) In this passage, Beowulf respects his enemy, Grendel, by deciding not to use his weaponry, understanding that if he were to do so, there would not be a fair fight between the two. This is a symbol of heroism, because he is giving Grendel a chance to fight back, and win if he overcomes Beowulfs strengths.

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Beowulf got ready, donned his war-gear, indifferent to death; his mighty, hand-forged, fine-webbed mail would soon meet with the menace underwater. It would keep the bone-cage of his body safe: . . . [His helmet] was of beaten gold, princely headgear hooped and hasped by a weapon-smith who had worked wonders. . . . (1442–1452)

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Sep 06, 2012 · List and explain evidence that suggests Beowulf’s decision to fight the dragon is, perhaps, foolish. Describe Beowulf’s fight with the dragon. Where does he begin to lose the battle? What does the poet blame for Beowulf’s turn of fortune? Who is the one thane who stays to fight by Beowulf’s side? Why does he stay and fight?

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Sep 13, 2007 · It’s just like Grendel and the dragon, because the dragon put a spell on him so no human’s weapon could kill him. 2)Grendel attacks Herot in order to fight Beowulf. 3)Beowulf is very eager to fight Grendel. 4)Beowulf waits to see how destructive Grendel is, and what he is capable of doing to him. 5)Beowulf tears off Gredel’s arm.

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Yup, it’s a knife on a wristband. That is the ultimate weapon that Beowulf has to have to cut off Grendel’s arm (Not sorry for the spoiler, you’ve had over a thousand years to read it by now) and win his false victory. Then, as in the story, he has to contend with Grendel’s mother.

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